The Down East local section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association consists of members from the states of Maine and New Hampshire. The term "Down East" can be very confusing to folks "from away." After all, Maine and New Hampshire are in the northeast part of our country so why aren't we called "Up East?" It turns out that our prevailing summer wind blows from the southwest. It also turns out that compasses up here suffer about 18 degrees of westerly variation (that's "declination" to landlubbers) and our coastline follows a roughly east/northeast track as you sail from Boston to Lubec, Maine. What all this means is that if you're sailing parallel to our coastline from Boston to Lubec during our fair weather months, you'll be sailing downwind on a compass bearing of about 90 degrees (east). More simply stated, you'll be sailing "Down East." The term "Down East" has many meanings around here. It can refer to the entire coastal area from Boston to the Maritime provinces of Canada. Perhaps more commonly, it refers to the coastline of Maine from the Penobsot River to Lubec. Either way, it's a wonderful place to live and work and we hope you'll come up here and see us sometime. It's "wicked good!"