We are the Down East section of the American Ind​​ustrial Hygiene Association. Our members are industrial hygiene and safety professionals who seek to prevent workplace-related injuries and illness.​

Our Bylaws

Officer Job Descriptions and Duties

DEAIHA Presiden​t Job Description and Duties


Provide leadership, both administrative and technical to the DEAIHA Board and the Down East Section. Represent the membership's interest with National AIHA.


  • Set up and preside at meetings of the Executive Board.
  • Prepare an agenda for each meeting.
  • Facilitate coordination between board members.
  • Arrange for Board Meeting teleconferences when needed.
  • Represent DEAIHA's interest locally and nationally.
  • Make necessary decisions when board is not in session.
  • Attend Local Section council meetings at AIHCE.
  • Grant permission for non-profit usage of the Section's mailing list.
  • Communicate with National (including preparing the 'Local Section Activity Plan,' 'Roster of Local Section
  • Officers Reporting Form,' and Fellow Nominations) and other local sections as necessary.
  • Encourage and facilitate the participation of the membership on committees.
  • Keep current with developments in the field of Industrial Hygiene and guide the local section in the formulation of constructive activities.
  • Provide constructive and energetic leadership in the activities of the local section and the National AIHA.
  • Thank outgoing members for their service by presenting gifts during the business session of the March meeting.

DEAIHA Past President Job Description and Duties


Chair the nominating committee and oversee revisions to the by-laws. Provide the benefit of experience. Perform duties delegated by the President.


  • Chair the nominating committee for new board members.
  • Order and present the appreciation award to the outgoing President, to be presented at the March meeting. This has traditionally been a mounted and engraved gavel.
  • Act as chairperson of committees as directed by the President.
  • Coordinate and administer the ballot for any by-laws changes that are proposed during the year. If by-laws changes are approved by the membership, coordinate National AIHA approval.

DEAIHA​ President-Elect Job Description and Duties


The President-Elect serves as program chair for the dinner meetings and stands in for the President whenever necessary. This person also organizes the dinner meetings, arranging for speakers and sponsors.


  • Arrange for the dinner speaker and meeting sponsor for each of the six dinner meetings: May, July, September, November, January and March.
  • Develop a list of suitable topics with assistance from the Executive Board.
  • Dinner meetings are normally scheduled in December of the prior year. Get all confirmations in writing. Specify the cost of meals, arrange for a separate room for a seminar and/or a Board meeting prior to the dinner meeting, and contact the restaurant with the total number of attendees (broken out by menu item) as required by the meeting location (usually the Monday before the meeting.)
  • Contact prospective speakers. Confirm topic, date and other information in writing. Ask each speaker to send a summary of their talk and a brief biography for use in the newsletter and at the dinner meeting.
  • Contact the speaker several times prior to the meeting to confirm details including audiovisual needs and meal preference. Arrange for all needs at the location.
  • E-mail pertinent information to the Secretary or Webmaster so the meeting announcement can be put on the web page.
  • After the President makes the business announcements, introduce the the speaker and assist with any questions. Keep the meeting on schedule.
  • Present the speaker with a Section mug or other favor. (Maintain an adequate inventory of mugs or other favors.)
  • Promptly send a thank-you note to both the speaker and sponsors.
  • Attend the March Leadership Workshop at National AIHA Headquarters. National AIHA and DEAIHA will subsidize travel expenses.
  • Along with the President, serve on the Local Sections Council which interfaces with National AIHA. The Local Sections Council normally meets at the Leadership Workshop and at the annual AIHCE.
  • Serve as requested by the DEAIHA President to represent membership interests.

DEAIHA Secretary Job Des​cription and Duties


Coordinate communication between board members, the local section and the national AIHA. Keep all section business meeting records.


  • Coordinate record keeping transition from old to new Board.
  • Send roster of newly-elected officers and directors to the National AIHA within 30 days of the end of the March Dinner Meeting.
  • Develop address/phone/fax/e-mail list for board members only, and bring a current list to each board meeting, or when there are changes.
  • Record minutes of all Executive Board meetings.
  • Attend all Board meetings. If you are unable to attend for any reason, ensure that arrangements are made to perform the Secretary's duties.
  • Note action items generated at each meeting.
  • Distribute a list of action items to all Board members within a week of each Board meeting.
  • Prepare correspondence of the local section as delegated.
  • Maintain all local section records.
  • Maintain all records pertaining to current members.

DEAIHA ​Treasurer Job Description and Duties


Maintain all financial records of the Local Section by collecting, depositing, disbursing funds, paying authorized bills, and filing appropriate tax forms.


  • Maintain bank accounts.
  • Submit all accounts for audit at the last meeting of the Executive Board prior to the annual meeting of the Local Section.
  • Prepare and present monthly and annual financial reports to the Executive Board. The annual financial report covers the period from January 1 through December 31.
  • Publish the annual financial report in the December newsletter.
  • Collect funds from members and meeting sponsors at dinner and technical meetings.
  • Reconcile and deposit all monies collected.
  • Compile and submit tax forms to the Maine Tax Board and the Federal Internal Revenue Service at the end of the fiscal year, December 31.

DEAIHA Director Job Des​cription and Duties


  • Provide support to the section by professional experience.
  • Attend all Executive Board Meetings
  • Serve on committees as requested by the president.​​