Message from our President:

Summer 2023

The role of an Industrial Hygienist, much like that of a medical doctor, is to do no harm.
Our duty to the workforce of this country is to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and
control hazards in the workplace. Understanding how to recognize and anticipate
hazards is an important function that takes time to learn. Close attention to the condition
and calibration of IH sampling equipment is imperative to ensure the collection of
representative data during evaluations. The control of the hazards is also best
performed by a well-informed workforce. Did you know that the common disposable ear-
plug used as a loud noise control device actually has directions on the package
regarding how to use this type of personal protective equipment? Installed incorrectly,
the disposable earplug will not function as designed, and can lead to hearing damage
since a worker might feel that he is being protected when in actuality he is being
overexposed to noise.

Described as both an art and a science, Industrial Hygiene is an important service that
can benefit almost every employer. Being proactive with health and safety is a great
way to increase your company profits, generate a strong safety culture, and increase
productivity through a healthy and happy workforce.
The Southern California Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association is here
to help you along your career path in the Health & Safety field. From networking
opportunities with your peers, winning scholarships for educational purposes, to
collaborating for passing along knowledge, the SCAIHA volunteer operated group is
here for you. Please join us on our journey to make the future a healthier and safer
place to work.

You can reach out to me and the other board members anytime at
[email protected].

Thanks so much, Jed Douglas CIH, CSP, PG

Meeting Timelines:

Board Meetings are held Virtually on a Monthly Basis, on the third Wednesday of every month from 12PM to 1PM.

Board Meetings are open to all members. Please email us at [email protected] to request a link to the board meetings.

Forward meeting topic suggestions / events to our Professional Development team! Open to any creative ideas!

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