Message from our President:

Practitioners play an important role in protecting the health and safety of our valuable workforce, especially and fundamentally through the art and science of industrial hygiene. Despite the exceptional and progressive advances in the field by dedicated industrial hygienists, we face a number of challenges today. An eroding trust in science, subject matter experts, and authoritative sources has played a key role in confronting those challenges, perhaps due to the social isolation brought on by the pandemic.

Further, a variety of socioeconomic forces, including the health and safety profession, has coerced many industries to face severe shortages of qualified labor. Therefore, the focus of SCAIHA is to facilitate the building of personal connections among HSE professionals to promote their practice career path and positive safety culture through student outreach and educational opportunities.

Student outreach includes age-appropriate workshops, mentoring programs, and career exploration events that leverage existing programs developed and provided by NIOSH and AIHA, i.e. the Safety Matters teen safety curriculum. Vital to success for this mission, we must utilize the established networks of our membership to build connections and create opportunities with these grade-level and advanced educational organizations.

As President, my efforts would be to build a resilient organization to meet the present and future challenges we face - utilizing our volunteer efforts to drive towards a diverse, robust community of professionals practicing industrial hygiene. If you share the love for the industry and want to give back, and yearn for networking at in-person events, please consider joining us.

Much appreciated and always available for feedback and suggestions!

Scott Myers, CIH, CSP, CAC

Meeting Timelines:

Board Meetings Held on a Monthly Basis

All-Members Meetings held once a Quarter

Forward meeting topic suggestions / events to our Professional Development team! Open to any creative ideas!

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