NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding (OEB)

April 1, 2019

Munich Haus, 13 Center St., Chicopee, MA

PRESENTER: Brian Burgess, Master’s Student Occupational Hygiene, University of Massachusetts – Lowell

Brian is currently a Master of Occupational Hygiene student at UMASS Lowell. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Western New England College, 1992. Brian will be graduating in the Spring 2019 with a MS in Work Environment, Occupational Hygiene.

NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding (OEB): A Case Study Involving a Massachusetts Converting Company

OEB is a process to categorize, or “band” chemicals into hazard classes for chemicals without an authoritative occupational exposure limit and has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. In March of 2017, NIOSH released their version of an occupational exposure banding process which is a 3 tier process that allows for the banding of chemicals from the GHS hazard codes and health, safety and toxicology resources.

Brian will discuss his Capstone project as he evaluated the use of the NIOSH OEB process for a converting company located in central Massachusetts. Initially, the project involved review of their current work practices and chemical approval procedures. Use of the different tiers within the NIOSH OEB process as well as demonstration of the NIOSH e-tool will be discussed. The final part of the discussion will be on the knowledge of the NIOSH OEB process throughout health and safety professionals in New England. Brian will review the questionnaire and summarize the results that many WMA local section members completed. The OEB process is a concept new to many. By understanding the OEB process and its resources, health and safety professionals will be able to make sound risk management decisions when working with chemicals without an occupational exposure limit.