Danielle Giordanella, CIH, CSP, CIT
    Position: President
    Job Title: OEHS Professional
    About: Danielle Giordanella, Certified Safety Professional (CSP), recently joined Geosyntec as a Senior Professional. Danielle has 6 years of consulting and 10 years of industry experience in the food, beverage, aerospace, surface mining, and pharmaceutical industries. In past roles, Danielle has supported a variety of manufactured goods, including bottled water, dairy desserts (ice cream and pudding), vitamin production and packaging, instrument testing, and diagnostics for defense/aerospace and injectable drug manufacturing. Danielle has worked closely with regulatory agencies supporting the New York, Long Island, Suffolk County, and Florida regions.

    Aimee Giovine MPH, CIH, CSP, CHMM
    Position: President-Elect
    Job Title: Director, Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence – EHS Consulting, Triumvirate
    About: Aimee Giovine has ten years of internal and consulting EHS experience in the manufacturing, higher education, and life science industries. Earlier in her career, she worked as the sole EHS professional at a large manufacturing company. She traveled across North America to audit and build facility EHS programs and develop and implement corporate EHS initiatives.
    Aimee leads the team of EHS consultants in the New York region and has developed and implemented the quality process for Triumvirate’s national consulting business. Her team supports clients navigating growth, restructuring, relocation, and regulatory challenges.

    Marianne Santarelli, CIH, CSP
    Position: Secretary
    Job Title: President, Marianne Santarelli Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Consulting LLC
    About: Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene, Safety and Environmental management experience in construction, manufacturing, research and development and military environments. Program development, auditing and management are my specialties.

    Sophie Naftalovich, CIH, CSP, CHMM
    Position: Treasurer
    Job Title: Corporate EHS Manager, Ferring

    Ralph Coppola, CIEC

    Position: Past-President
    Job Title: Office Director, Pennoni

    William Pockels
    Position: Membership Director
    Job Title: Senior Occupational Health Specialist, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    Mark Drozdov MS, SSM, CUSP, CRA, CMA
    Position: Technical Programs Chair
    Job Title: Executive Vice President, Lozier Inc.
    About: Mark Drozdov, MS, SSM, CUSP, CSR, CRA, FSM, BSI, RSO, CAI, CMA, GPRO - Best Management Practices Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Environmental Health & Safety + Sustainability (EHS+S) Standards with over 30 years of Industry Experience & Regulatory Compliance.

    Erin Stolz MPH, CIH
    Position: Communications Director
    Job Title: Manager, EHS Consulting, Triumvirate