Membership in the PNS-AIHA is open to industrial hygienists and other professionals in the field of occupational and environmental health and safety. The PNS-AIHA has a membership of nearly 400 professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in an AIHA local section provides you with a wide range of networking opportunities in the occupational health and safety field. AIHA national membership is not required in joining an AIHA local section, but membership in both organizations is strongly encouraged to maximize benefits. Benefits of membership in the Pacific Northwest Section of AIHA include:
    • Meet and network with other OEHS professionals and vendors in the Pacific Northwest region
    • Learn and exchange best practices at local section meetings
    • Discounts on local section conference
    • Access to Local Education Committee events
    • Access the latest local section Newsletters (Cascade Impactor)
    • Access to the local section's subscription to AIHA Webinars
    • Access to local section elections and volunteer opportunities

2023-2024 Officers, Directors and Leaders

Executive Board members are elected annually using an online ballot.

  • President: Larry Lee
  • Past-President: Eva Glosson
  • President-Elect: Josh Hopp
  • Executive Secretary: Jennifer Dobb
  • Recording Secretary: Jennene Lyda
  • First Year Director: Rami Attalah
  • Second Year Director: Ryan Hill
  • NOHC Planning Officer (1st Year): Erin Walker
  • NOHC Planning Officer (2nd Year): Katy Nelson
  • Treasurer: Martin Rose, CIH
  • Seattle - Alaska Local Education Committee: Karen Michael
  • Tri-Cities Local Education Committee: Dalene Zabel
  • Portland Local Education Committee: Brian Hauck, CIH
  • Spokane Local Education Committee: Kendra Broadwater
  • Montana Local Education Committee: Lorri Birkenbuel, CIH, CSP, CET
  • Website Committee: Ivory Iheanacho, CIH
  • Public Affairs Committee: Vacant
  • PNS-AIHA Rep to the Governor's Board: Shonnessy Gilmore
  • Administrative Assistant: Position Retired Until Further Notice