As many of you know a Los Alamos Scholarship has been established by the AIHA Industrial Hygiene Foundation. This scholarship has been awarded since 2008. Contributions should be mailed directly to: AIHA/AIHF, 3141 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 777, Falls Church, VA 22042. Your contributions should be identified as specifically directed to the Los Alamos Scholarship.

The Rio Grande Section Board of Directors strongly encourages your contributions since it is in direct support of our profession’s future, and honors the work (past/present/future) that many of us have/will provide to the profession. As an indication of the Boards support for this effort, the Rio Grande Section contributed $1,000 to this Scholarship in 2020.

We realize that this is a time of financial uncertainty, but we hope that many Section members can provide support for this Scholarship since it is directly tied to your profession.

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