Virtual Ethics PDC

Friday, February 26, 2021

The Chicago Local Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association would like to invite you to a PDC focusing on ethics.

This PDC fulfills the ABIH ethics requirement for certification maintenance.


Nancy McClellan, MPH, CIH, CHMM - Occupational Health Management, LLC

Prior to establishing Occupational Health Management, LLC, Ms. McClellan worked as the global industrial hygiene manager for both AbbVie Biopharmaceutical and LafargeHolcim for over 8 years. She has invested many years in practicing occupational hygiene in a wide variety of high hazard industries as a self-employed consultant including industries such as the automotive, military, hospital, electric, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and housing industries. She has also provided legal expert witnessing for nationally-profiled, catastrophic incidents and subject matter instruction all over the globe. In her volunteer professional life, Ms. McClellan currently serves on the Board of Directors for both the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the globally recognized Occupational Hygiene Training Association. She has also served as a past Director and committee chair for the American Board of Industrial Hygiene Board of Directors and she continued to represent ABIH as the Chair of the Joint Occupational Hygiene Ethics Education Committee after completing her term in 2010. She is an active member of the British and Irish Occupational Hygiene Societies as a conference speaker and organizational liaison.


Friday, February 26, 2020


Microsoft Teams - Link to follow


12-2PM CST

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