The Sacramento Valley Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association was formed in 1980.

The mission of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Sacramento Valley Section is:

  • To promote the study, evaluation and control of environmental stresses arising in or from the workplace or its products in relation to the health or well being of workers and the public.
  • To increase the knowledge of industrial and environmental health through interchange and dissemination of information and to bring together persons interested in the various phases of industrial and environmental health.
  • To promote the profession through the encouragement of interest within and cooperation with governmental, industrial, educational, labor and other organizations.

For more information, you may send e-mail to Daniel Felperin at [email protected]​​, AIHA SVS President.

Our Bylaws (Last Updated 2017)

2024 Board:

President, Pamela Murcell

    President-elect, Simone Sumeshwar

    Past President, David Hornung

    Secretary, Natalie Happ

    Treasurer, Patrick Corcoran

    Directors, Roxanne Fynboh, Ed Klinenberg, Dan Felperin

    Gavel History

    Robert (Bob) Maykoski was a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and a founding member of Sacramento Valley Chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Bob was Board Certified in the Comprehensive Practice of Industrial Hygiene by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (CP 512).

    Bob was employed by the Department of the Air Force at McClellan Air Force Base. After Retirement from the McClellan, Bob joined the staff at the Department of Industrial Relations as a Senior Industrial Hygienist and was employed at the DIR Sacramento offices located on Arden Way. Bob was a dedicated professional and was always available to discuss industrial hygiene topics and provide guidance. Bob passed away in the late 70s. The Sacramento Valley Chapter of the AIHA remembered Bob by creating the Gavel that was engraved with his name.

    Past Presidents

    • David Hornung 2021-2023
    • Dan Felperin 2019-2020
    • Patrick Corcoran 2018
    • David Payette 2017
    • Roxanne Fynboh ​2016
    • Anthony Belcher 2015​
    See More Past Presidents
    • Zane Martin 1980
    • Bill Lubinsky 1981
    • Bob Reeves 1982
    • Charles Thorpe 1983
    • Mark Pheatt 1984
    • Rocky Rockswold 1985
    • Jeff Hicks 1986
    • Pamela Murcell 1987
    • David Payette 1988
    • Jim Mason 1989
    • Lou Beck 1990
    • Dave Bare 1990/1991
    • Steve Smith 1992
    • Gus Ballis 1993
    • Joanne Meyers 1994
    • Cathy Chavez-Simonsem 1995
    • David Durst 1996/1997
    • Audry Lee-Eng 1998/1999
    • Bill Collier 2000
    • Ed Klinenberg 2001
    • Bill Collier 2001-2003
    • Morie Oberg 2003-2005
    • John Jang 2005-2006
    • Sylvia Fontes 2007-2008
    • Amalia Neidhardt 2009-2011
    • Kelly Moriki 2011-2012
    • Bruce Zike 2013-2014
    • Rick Beall 2014