AIHA Utah Local Section Leadership

Our officers consist of a Past President (1-year term), President (1-year term), President-Elect (1-year term), Secretary (2-year term), and Treasurer (2-year term). We have 3 directors-at-large, each serving a staggered 3 year term. These elected leaders make up the Executive Committee, which plans and executes section events. You can find more information about each position in the section bylaws.

History of Officers

Tara KochJeremiah MohrAaron OberstadtAlex Shahan
Kyle NaylorTara KochAaron OberstadtAlex Shahan
Rod HandyKyle NaylorTara KochDavid Cook
Brandon ReeseRod HandyTara KochDavid Cook
Glenn LamsonBrandon ReeseTara KochDavid Cook
Alex PeckGlenn LamsonBrandon ResseDavid Cook
2018​​Kelli Hamilton​Alex Peck​Clark Evans​David Cook
2017​​Thomas Smith​Kelli Hamilton​Clark Evans​David Cook
2016​Darrah Sleeth​Thomas Smith​Kelli Hamilton​David Cook
2015​Daniel Nye​Darrah Sleeth​Kelli Hamilton​Deanna Anderson
2014Jeremiah MohrDaniel NyeKelli HamiltonDeanna Anderson
2013Dean LilquistJeremiah MohrKelli HamiltonDeanna Anderson
2012Christina KulakowskiDean LillquistDebie ReidDeanna Anderson
Dan CummingsChristina KulakowskiDebie ReidJustin Bird
2010J. Nick RiceDan CummingsChristina KulakowskiJustin Bird
2009Leon PahlerJ. Nick RiceChristina KulakowskiPaul Pope
2008Scott CollingwoodLeon PahlerJ. Nick RicePaul Pope
2007Glenn LamsonScott CollingwoodJ. Nick RiceDavid Roskelley
2006(The term of office was changed from July-July to January-December, therefore there are no entries for 2006.)
2005April WilliamsGlenn LamsonTad OgdenDavid Roskelley
2004Rush BowersApril WilliamsTad OgdenDavid Roskelley
2003Tori BurnsRush BowersTad OgdenDavid Roskelley
2002Keith NicholsonTori BurnsTad OgdenDavid Roskelley
2001Mark DumasKeith NicholsonSarah WrightDavid Roskelley
2000Mark DumasvacantSarah WrightDavid Roskelley
1999Dave KlanicaMark DumasRush BowersDavid Roskelley
1998Mojdeh KhaleghiDave KlanicaRush BowersDavid Roskelley
1997Sam GuelloMojdeh KhaleghiApril WilliamsDavid Roskelley
1996Katheryn ClarkSam GuelloApril WilliamsDavid Roskelley
1995Frank DeRossoKatheryn ClarkJanice DixonMojdeh Khaleghi
1994Dave WallaceFrank DeRossoJanice DixonDiana Cosgrove
1993Nancy FoxDave WallaceKeith NicholsonDiana Cosgrove
1992Rand PotterNancy FoxKeith NicholsonCarl Elskamp
1991Mike BlumerRand PotterSteve EdwardsCarl Elskamp
1990M. VaughnMike BlumerM. SedlarJ. Loomis
1989Kevin CumminsM. VaughnG. WalterJ. Loomis
1988Dan CraneKevin CumminsCarl ElskampBrett Besser
1987Michael TaylorDan CraneL. MartinH. Deer
1986R. ParkerMichael TaylorWarren HendricksDave Drown
1985R. Ostraat/R. ParkerKen WhiteL. White
S. Nackowski
1984S. NackowskiR. OstraatRand PotterMichael Taylor
1983Ray AbelS. NackowskiKevin CumminsJames Perkins
1982A. SimonsenRay AbelJ. EidsonD. Robbins
1981Lynn HutchinsonA. SimonsenD. B. HuntRay Abel/
R. Lambert/
Jeff Throckmorton
1980Don MaranoLynn HutchinsonS. NackowskiRay Abel
1979Lois SeptonDon MaranoM. Vaught/(combined with Secretary)
R. Moore
1978R. VandervortLois SeptonDon Marano
1977Ron FrekingR. VandervortLois Septon
1976D. Jeff BurtonJ. SieversonRon Freking
1975W. L. WagnerD. Jeff BurtonB. Wisner
1974T. SmithW. L. WagnerI. Lusis
1973Vaughan BairdT. Smith
1972T. S. VigilVaughan Baird
1971F. N. HillT. S. Vigil
1970K. KronoveterF. N. HillD. Jeff Burton
1969N. HillK. KronoveterC. M. Phelan
1968G. ButlerR. KrayC. Cothrin
1967D. DalleyG. ButlerWillard Dixon
1966L. LarsenD. DalleyA. Huffaker
1965Richard IsaacsL. LarsenD. Dalley
1964R. HeaneyH. JamesRichard Isaacs
1963V. PettL. DavisL. Davis
1962R. SearleV. PettV. Pett
1961R. BalesR. SearleR. Searle
1960C. StevensonR. BalesR. Bales
1959Ed RushingC. StevensonR. Bales
1958R. HendricksEd RushingR. Coleman
1957P. BurnhamR. HendricksR. Hendricks
1956D. HoladayP. BurnhamR. Stone
1955E. MorrillD. HoladayC. Stevenson
1954G. WinnE. Morrill, Jr.
1953P. RichardsG. WinnE. Morrill, Jr.
1952H. Doyle/J. KnudsenG. Winn
J. Knudsen
1951Ken NelsonH. DoyleJ. Knudsen
1950A. GlaeserJ. AbserfoldKen Nelson

History of Directors


Director 1

Director 2Director 3
2024Drew ForbesNick RiceBrandon Reese
2023Nick RiceBrandon ReeseDan Nye
2020Dan NyeMark DumasThomas Smith
2012-2015Donald Marano
2012-2014Glenn Lamson
2011-2013Leon Pahler
2009-2012Scott Collingwood
2009-2012Glenn Lamson
2003-2006Mike Taylor
2002-2005Steve Dixon
2001-2004Michele Johnson
2001-2003Dale Stephenson
2000-2002Ken White
1999-2001Michele Johnson
1994-1996Lynn Hutchinson
1993-1995Dean Lilliquist
1992-1994Merlynn Densley
1991-1993Mike Shulsky
1990-1992Ray Abel
1989-1991William Wagner
1988-1990S. Nackowski
1987-1989Warren Hendricks
1986-1988W. Ferrell
1985-1987L. F. Anderson
1984-1986M. Larsen
1983-1985Robert Adler
1982-1984S. Cothrin
1981-1983J. Campbell
1980-1982Floyd Madsen
1979-1981Mel Cassady
1978-1980R. Putnum
1977-1979L. Anderson
1976-1978R. Ibrahim
1975-1977R. Larsen
1975R. Ranck
1974D. Jeff Burton
1973-1975M. O. Varnver
1972-1974D. Dalley
1971-1972T. Smith
1970-1971Mel Cassady
1969-1970T. S. Vigil
1968-1969R. Isaacs
1967-1968A. Huffaker
1967S. Cothrin
1966D. Discher
1964-1966L. Peterson
1963-1965R. Hudspeth
1962-1964E. Robbins
1961-1963B. Larsen
1960-1962T. Stanger
1959-1961R. Cole
1958-1960B. Cropper
1957-1959V. Pett
1956-1958L. Creglow
1955-1957F. Dain
1954-1956P. Woolrich
1953-1955P. Burnham
1952L. Johnson
1951-1953F. Gunn
1951-1952P. Glaeser
1950J. Knudsen
1950-1951C. Wilkins
1950H. Doyle