NEAIHA Mission Statem​ent

The New England Chapter of AIHA serves its members in the following ways:

  • Providing accurate and up to date information in the fields of Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental affairs through meetings, seminars, and training sessions that will be of value to its members;
  • Promoting the fields of Industrial Hygiene and occupational health and safety to the public and private sectors;
  • Serving as a liaison between local membership and AIHA national.

We are always looking for new members and welcome you to join NEAIHA​​. If you are currently a member, we encourage your feedback along with any ideas you may for presentations, speakers, or making us an even better organization.​​


The proposed change to the bylaws regarding the Vendor Liaison position has been accepted by membership. The Vendor Liaison position will now be a two (2) year term.

The revised bylaws will read:

Section 11: The vendor liaison shall serve as the primary contact between NEAIHA and the various vendors that provide services, equipment, and supplies to the EH&S community in the region. The liaison maintains current vendor information, handles communication with vendors regarding NEAIHA, solicits vendors for meeting sponsorships, and coordinates and runs the vendor exhibit at the annual all-day meeting. The term of office of the vendor liaison shall be two (2) years.​

2020 Executive Committee Members

Vendor Liaison​Joel Myerson​
​President-Elect​Ryan Butler
​President​Lillian Fry
​Past President​​Heidi Faw
Treasurer​Kevin Murphy
​Director​Amy Dellaguistina
​Director​Mohammad Ghandi
D​irector​​Maria Colon-Galarza
​DirectorNeela Joshi
S​ecretary​​Debra Gursha
Boston (NEAIHA) Chapter of AIHA is among the eight existing chapters in late thirties.
NEAIHA wa​s a very active chapter during its existence. The tradition continues, NEAIHA remaining one of the most active chapters in the nation.

We attempted to get a list of past presidents from national but they only had information back to 1992. Through various sources, including but not limited to Corey Briggs, Bonnie Weeks, Mary Corrigan, Rich Grillo, Karen Deady, Anita Taylor, Don Delikat, several other NEAIHA past-presidents, and our ace in the hole “Uncle” Bud Siroonian, we were able to piece together back our past-presidents list to 1951! The list has been sent to national for archiving. The past presidents list will be placed on the NEAIHA website and be kept updated by the Board moving forward.

We are now trying to fill in the time period from 1939-1951. If you are interested in helping with this historical information scavenger hunt, contact Corey via email at: or Bonnie at:​.​​

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